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Welcome to Art and Craft by Suchisubhrangan

Art classes for kids and adults | Artandcraftbysuchisubhrangan

At Art and Craft by Suchisubhrangan, we teach everything  to you or your kid needed to develop your skill and knowledge about Drawing and Painting.  Our Art Classes is full of creative and innovative learning for kids and art lovers who are waiting to learn step by step Drawing and Painting and gradually developing their skills so that they can begin exploiting their imagination and creating masterpieces. We offer Art classes for kids and adults | Artandcraftbysuchisubhrangan.   Our website address is


For Admission/Enquiry Whatsapp/Call at 9564800018  / 9339922408

About the Teacher

Subhra Majumdar

Experience of more than 15 years and more than 1000 students have taken Art training from her. She started her journey from kolkata where she started her Art school Suchisubhrangan in the year 2005. Today through her online classes she is imparting Art training to students from all around the world. She provides training in all forms like potrait, landscapes, still life and all media like pastel, colour pencil, charcoal, acrylic, water colour etc. Kids  beginning from age of 4 years to working professionals and home maker of age till 60 years are getting Art training from her. 


Our Mission

Skill Development and monitoring

At Art and Craft by Suchisubhrangan, our mission is to create a safe, communal space for all kinds of artists - beginners to professionals - to come together and learn painting through step by step methods. We believe in unlocking the creative within each and every one of us, and offer classes for all students. Whether you’re a professional looking for new inspiration, a brand new student hoping to learn a thing or two about art, or if you’re simply interested in picking up a new hobby, Art and Craft by Suchisubhrangan is here to welcome you into the fold.


What We Believe

Everyone is an artist

Pablo Picasso have said "Every child is an artist; the problem is staying an artist when you grow up” We also believe that there is a artist in all of us it just needs needs little bit guidance , little bit hand holding. So may be you are a Doctor, Engineer , Teacher, Banker, Fashion Designer, In IT industry or  a fully devoted homemaker...The artist in you is lost somewhere in this hectic world.Don't worry we are here to find the artist in you. Just hold our hands and we will help you finding the little artist in you.


Online Classes We Offer

Are you ready to learn something new? Our classes are available for types of skill levels, different mediums and a variety of times to fit your schedule. Read below to learn more and to find the class that fits you!

Art Class

Online Classes for Tiny Tots

Online Art Classes for very small kids from age of 3 years to 7 years. As they are very small so step by step basic learning from shapes, colouring, shading is taught at their pace so that they can both learn and enjoy simultaneously

Tea Cup in Watercolor

Online Classes for beginners

Online Art Classes for those who want s to learn Drawing and Painting from scratch. Basics about Drawing and Painting along with idea of different media and forms are introduced.

Art Class

Ladies batch

Online Art Classes for working ladies and home makers. Ladies enjoy this art sessions very as they spend time with themselves and find their list creative sides.

Egg Decoration

Weekend batch

Online Art classes for those who could not find time in weekdays due to their busy schedule or who want revitalize their energies by doing creative work or for fun.

Oil Paint

Elementary students

Those who are looking for elementary exam. Call us today to find out more. Spaces are limited, so it’s best to act fast!

Art Class

Online Art Classes

Online Art Classes for all who want to learn step by step Drawing and Painting

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Mumbai, Maharashtra, India


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Subhra is a thorough professional artist, Very dedicated and committed to Art. She gives individual attention to every child and develops interest in art amongst kids. Her students enjoy every session and eagerly look forward to the next one to learn something New

-Gareth's Parent

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