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Everyone have dream of painting wonderful pictures, landscapes, potraits or someone wants their kids to learn painting, making cartoons or create new characters or create anything they imagine. But whenever you try to do it. It doesn't come perfectly. So those days are over.  You can also make beautiful colourful paintings and show it to others or make your own collections.

We bring you series of 8 live classes to teach you basics of drawing and coloring with practical examples in live classes. In this 8 live  classes where you will not only watch but you will practice with me and together we will create beautiful painting.

In this 8 classes we will try to improve your skills in drawing and improve your sense of shading and colouring.

 Hi I am Subhra Majumdar. I am a Art teacher. More than 10000 students have learnt painting from my offline and online classes. I am teaching art for past 20 years. If you want to join my art classes click the link below and enroll for 8 day class. 

Offer Valid till 30th Sep 2021

Enroll for 8 day Challange at only Rs 999/-

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